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Wag & Snap Photography is a service to capture your pets adventures. 

When out and about I enjoy taking lots of photos of your pets to show what they have been up to whilst on their Adventure with Wag & Walk.  If I capture some good photos I can post them on my Facebook page for you to see, If you love the image then i can provide a service to get your chosen printed onto a high quality canvas on which ever size is desired.  

Before the photos are sent to be printed I can Edit the photos the way you want them to be either to be cropped down or even add a little more color to the image, whichever is needed I will be more than happy to capture the desired look of  your canvas. 


if you would like a collage of images put onto a canvas then I will be able to do this, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss further details. *please see examples of collage below* 

canvas sizes include 





Square Canvas